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Hydraulic Scissor Lifts Engineered for Efficiency

Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports in Franklin, IN is a world-renowned leader and authorized distributor of premium-grade hydraulic equipment and lift components, including top-of-the-line scissor lifts. Our wide range of hydraulic equipment consists of some of the best manufacturers in the industry and are used in commercial service centers across the country and all around the world. With our vast selection of hydraulic scissor lifts, you’ll discover plenty of advanced features and state-of-the-art technology that are proven to accommodate many equipment needs and expand your shop’s performance to take on a more significant workload. Explore our options today and let us help you find the perfect equipment for your operation.

scissor lift

Discover the Perfect Scissor Lift for Your Operation

When your professional garage operation needs more speed and efficiency, our line of hydraulic scissor lifts will provide you with what you’re looking for. At Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports, we have an extensive inventory featuring scissor lifts meticulously designed to provide precise solutions for a whole variety of applications, from quick repairs and detailing to heavy-duty lifting capacities for large, commercial vehicles. Increase your mobility and access to hard-to-reach places while creating the ideal working environment with our scissor lifts that offer more options for your shop. From rugged, alignment-specific scissor lifts and low-profile scissor lifts perfect for maximizing limited bay spaces to versatile double scissor lifts and heavy-duty, full-rise scissor lifts, we have it all. Contact us and we’ll help you find the most suitable scissor lift for your operation.

The Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports Advantage

At Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports, we take pride in offering exceptional technical service and support for a wide range of hydraulic equipment. As an authorized hydraulic equipment supplier, we carry one of the largest inventories of hydraulic equipment, parts, and supplies in Central Indiana. Our expert staff is dedicated to providing the highest degree of customer service and professional support. Shop our complete line of scissor lifts today.

Hydraulic Equipment in IN