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Add More Versatility to Your Shop With Specialty Lifts

Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports in Franklin, IN is an international leader and authorized distributor of some of the highest quality hydraulic equipment and lift components in the world, including hydraulic specialty lifts. Our top-of-the-line hydraulic equipment can be found in commercial service centers all around the world, and our hydraulic specialty lifts are designed to add more versatility and productivity to even the most adverse of shop conditions. When your operation is in need of more efficiency, our professional staff consists of experts in the industry that are able to provide you with the resources and decades of technical expertise to get you what you need. Shop our extensive inventory of hydraulic specialty lifts and increase your shop’s performance today.

Vehicle lifted by Specialty Lifts

Specialty Lifts Engineered for Reliability and Performance

Hydraulic specialty lifts are the perfect choice when you need additional equipment to handle an increase in your workload. At Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports, you’ll find a wide range of specialty lifts engineered to supply the working space you need when your service demand rises. Our line of specialty lifts features state-of-the-art lifting capacities, low drive clearance, hydraulic lock, portability capabilities, low-rise, and mid-rise options, and the reliability to help complete many automotive services quickly, safely, and efficiently. From tire changes and brakes to body repairs and preventative maintenance, our specialty lifts have what you need to get the job done right.

Your Go-To Source for High-Quality Hydraulic Equipment

Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports has provided only the best in hydraulic equipment, service, and support for over 65 years. Our facility is located in Central Indiana, but we ship our hundreds of pieces of equipment to professional service centers and garage enthusiasts all around the world every single day. As your hydraulic equipment partner, we’ll provide you with the highest standard in craftsmanship, world-class customer service, and technical support well beyond the sale. Our goal is to continue expanding our international network to allow for better service and support our local customers have been accustomed to for over 65 years. Visit us today.

Hydraulic Equipment in IN