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Two Post Lifts Designed With Innovative Technology

Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports, located in Franklin, IN, is a global leader and authorized distributor of the world’s most reliable technology in the hydraulic industry with a vast inventory of hydraulic equipment, including two-post lifts. Our hydraulic lift equipment and lift components can accommodate many settings, from commercial applications to the home of a garage enthusiast. Our equipment can be found in professional service centers all around the world, and we pride ourselves on providing world-class customer support beyond the sale. Our supply of two post lifts offers many advanced features and innovative technology designed to serve a variety of needs and are available online and at our large facility in Central Indiana. Visit us today.

two post car lift

Shop Our Selection of Two Post Lifts

At Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports, you’ll find a wide range of hydraulic two-post lifts engineered to provide heavy-duty lifting capacities and maximum performance while saving you money and working space. Our easy-to-operate two-post lifts are perfectly suitable for low ceilings, allowing you to work on your vehicle safely, conveniently, and much more efficiently in the comfort of your own garage. Discover why our hydraulic two-post lifts are well respected all around the world for their rugged durability and craftsmanship. Shop our selection of two post lifts today.

World-Class Service and Support

Our facilities have offered only the finest in service and support for over 65 years. We are located in Central Indiana, but we provide top-notch hydraulic equipment to professionals and garage enthusiasts all across the country and all around the world. We ship out hundreds of equipment each and every day, providing the highest standard in craftsmanship and world-class customer service. Our mission is to continue building on our global network of distributors to allow better service and support for our international customers and local customers alike. For the best in the hydraulic industry, visit Amgo-Lifts by B&B International Imports today.

Hydraulic Equipment in IN